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  Usually when the topic of cyberpunk music comes up, everyone just reflexively names all their favorite industrial and occasional metal or goth bands. They're missing the point. Music, in and of itself, is not generally cyberpunk. The message behind it, usually in the lyrics, sometimes in the subtext as in Metal Machine Music, can be.
Queensryche [EMI]
Rage For Order
Operation: Mindcrime
A lot of songs on their other albums (especially NM-156 on _The Warning_) are also about the information age or other cyberpunk themes, but these are nothing but.
Pop Will Eat Itself
The Looks or the Lifestyle
This is the Day, This is the Hour, This is This
The Cure For Sanity
Dos Dedos Mi Amigos
Focused on high-tech life, cyberpunk, very nihilistic, very cynical and occasionally political, and very media-soaked.
Idol, Billy
Okay, Billy's a cheezy schmuck personally, but it's still good music and the lyrics are good cyberpunk themes.
Information Society
Peace & Love, Inc.
"Where would I be without my P.C.?
Where would I be without MTV?
Where would I be without CNN?
Where would I be without IBM?"
Much of the album is focused on computers and corporate life, and even a bit of identity questioning.
Disposable Heroes of Hip-Hopracy
"Television, The Drug Of The Nation"
Corrosion of Conformity
Very political, especially songs like "Technocracy" and "Vote With A Bullet".
Heavy political message about our media-soaked culture and the loss of our sense of America.
Political hard rock, not very good musically, but the lyrics are worth it.
Battery [Cop Int'l]
Lilith 3.2
"It's all just electrons, it's about who controls the information!"
The Bride of Frankenstein in 4 tracks of sample-heavy techno.
Be sure to also pick up anything else on the 21st Circuitry, Cop International, and Cleopatra labels, they pump out a TON of dark or hard techno-industrial, often with a very heavy high-tech or political message.
Deathline Int'l [Cop Int'l]
Also brilliant hard-edged cyberpunk-themed sample-heavy techno.
Also heavily focused on computers and revolution.
Fiedel, Brad
Terminator II
I've always imagined that this is what the Killing Floor sounded like, taken literally.
Reed, Lou
Metal Machine Music [Industrial Records]
Yankovik, "Weird Al"
Bad Hair Day
"Consolidated Incorporated" is the theme song of the four companies that publish 99% of the music heard by 99.999% of the public.
Machines of Loving Grace
"Terminal City", "Golgotha Tenament Blues", and "Richest Junkie Still Alive", for instance (and many others). Dark industrial.
Media collage and sound hacking, with serious underlying messages in some tracks (I'm still trying to find the deep meaning in "Car Bomb").
Cassandra Complex
The Cyberpunk album is not bad at all, and quite accurately named, it hits some important points. CC is also famous for the song "Moscow, Idaho". Well, at least it is among DJs in Moscow, ID, and hey, we're the ones who matter.
Kilroy Was Here
"Machines to rule our lives, machines dehumanize" -"Mr.Roboto"
Kilroy is the album "Mr.Roboto" comes from, but it's a lot more than just that one song - the album is about popular rebellion against the religious right and the misuse of technology to dehumanize rather than improve humanity (in this case, fighting for rock 'n roll, but it applies just as much to freedom of speech and information as it does to self-expression).
Nixon, Mojo
"Burn Down The Malls"
Sucking Chest Wound
God Family Country
Producers For Bob
Chris Burke
Oil War
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