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  This is any kind of illustrated medium - whether it's American, Japanese, or Martian, hand- or computer-drawn, animation or comics.

Akira (anime, manga)
Near-future, biker gangs and gov't-created psychers going rogue.
Bubblegum Crisis, AD Police, Bubblegum Crash (anime)
Derivative but well-implemented cyberpunk setting with power-suited superheroines fighting shapeshifting and occasionally amorphous or bloodsucking androids created by a corporation that rules the world and can't be brought down. Tasty mind candy. Great soundtrack. "Revenge Road" hit a good cpunk nerve, so it wasn't *ALL* shallowness, but superheroes are a virus that needs to be exterminated - the notion that some twit in a form-fitting suit with powers you don't have is going to show up and save your ass encourages apathy and the status quo (and I'm well aware that I'm just as addicted to that pathetic notion as anyone). AD Police is far more interesting in actual practice, because it shows normal people standing up to the forces of decay around them. Leon is a real hero, because he's just a guy with a gun, cool shades, and an attitude, and a boomer can kill him as easily as anyone else, but he goes out there anyway to save other people's lives. Any of us could be Leon - just get a badge and a gun and join the PD. The Knight Sabers are a buncha wimps.
Give Me Liberty (graphic novel)
Precursor to Underground. Focused on the death of the American dream through consumerism.
Hotel Harbor View (graphic novel)
Depressing, tragic, sexy, the loss of all hope and a final redemption of sorts. I'm not certain why I see this as a cyberpunk story, but IMO it is - the spirit is the same, even if it doesn't have the same veneer.
Masamune Shirow (anime, manga)
Black Magic
Intense stuff, discussing the nature of human society when we begin to automate our lives and politics. The anime of Appleseed is quite good, with a mildly different emphasis. The BM anime is just a Terminator rehash. Ignore it.
More light-hearted on the surface but much much darker underneath, covering environmental themes. The anime discusses individuality and heritage mostly instead.
Ghost In The Shell
What is personality? What is humanity? Who am "I"? What makes a soul? Visionary, deep, and ultimately very hopeful and cynical at the same time. The anime and manga are somewhat different, input them both.
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