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  Why is this here? Because reading SF with the same technologies as cyberpunk but with different messages is a good way to "clear the palate" - if you experience nothing but cpunk, you won't be able to clearly identify it from the rest of the world (um, yah, that's nothing like me...). Besides, these are all quite gifted writers, and new technologies, ideas, and cultures are good for you. Also, the cyberpunk fiction movement was a reaction against the forces of conventional SF, which had become very stale and technical, especially in the '70s. "What are you rebelling AGAINST?" is the question, and "Whatcha got?" is not a good enough answer sometimes.
Allen, Roger McBride
Hunted Earth series:
Ring Of Charon
The Shattered Sphere
   Most people get pissed when they lose just their keys...
Banks, Iain [M.]
Against A Dark Background
Use Of Weapons
Banks may well be the best writer in the English language today. These two books are, IMO, the best of the ones I've read so far. Bleak, dark, disturbing, imaginative, well-written, and have surprise endings that really twist the knife in... Not everyone likes AADB, but stick with it to the end before judging it poorly.
Player Of Games
The Bridge
Feersum Enjinn
Very interesting approach to uploading and netrunning.
Benford, Greg
Galactic Center series:
In the Ocean of Night
Across the Sea of Suns
Great Sky River
Tides of Light
Furious Gulf
Sailing Bright Eternity
Bester, Alfred
The Demolished Man
The Stars My Destination
The Deceivers
Bova, Ben
Brust, Stephen
Busby, F.M.
The Long View series
FTL is for wimps. This shows an interstellar empire run by STL ships, and he has the guts to show the EFFECTS of taking the long view. All wimpy FTLers, bow down before Busby.
John Grimes books
Engling, Richard
Finney, Jack
Time & Again
From Time to Time
About Time: 12 Short Stories
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Kornbluth & Pohl
Kress, Nancy
Martin, George R.R.
McCrumb, Sharyn
Bimbos Of The Death Sun
McHugh, Maureen
McLoughlin, John C.
Toolkmaker Koan
Moorcock, Michael
Pellegrino, Dr.James
Flying to Valhalla
*VERY* hard science SF view of STL, antimatter stardrives, and mutual assured destruction. A brief mention of the hazards of genengineering fads.
Killing Star
Pohl, Frederik
The Other End Of Time
Not very good - a poor imitation of an old F.M.Busby trilogy, but tedious and anticlimactic. Nowhere near the quality of his other work.
Rankin, Robert
Armageddon: The Musical
Schmitz, James
Cold As Ice
Sight of Proteus
The Heritage Universe series
Very hard SF with the standard "one implausibility" exception, and very well-written.
Silverberg, Robert
Across A Billion Years
Smith, Cordwainer
Smith, Sherwood and Trowbridge, David
Exordium series:
The Phoenix in Flight
Ruler of Naught
A Prison Unsought
The Rifter's Covenant
The Thrones of Kronos
Stapledon, Olaf
Star Maker
Last And First Man
Steele, Allen
Orbital Decay
A harsh, lifelike view of working in space. The choice of music is a bit passé, but it's a good counter to both the "space is too deadly to be explored and not profitable, anyway" and "space exploration will be safe and pleasant" psychologies that seem so common these days.
Turtledove, Harry
Van Vogt, A.E.
Williamson, Jack
Wolfe, Gene
Book of the New Sun
Books of the Long Sun
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