144th Scale Golden Christmas Roombox

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This is my rendition of Brooke Tucker Golden Christmas roombox, in 144th scale. Anita McNary-Haynes provided instructions and ideas for this roombox as part of a 'group' project via the MSATMicroMinis e-mail list.

I didn't decorate my roombox to fit a Christmas theme, since I am not 'into' Christmas. However, this project looked fun, so I decided to turn it into a 'no season' room. Instead of a Christmas tree, I put a piano on the raised platform. I also decided to make this project a bit more challenging, by making a mirror image of the room.

This is the roombox, viewed from the front. I still have not added lights yet. I made the ceiling removeable, so it should be fairly easy to add the lights, when I am motivated. This is the right side of the room, with the platform, palladian windows, and piano. The railings are some N-scale parts.
For this photograph, the ceiling was removed. Getting light into such a small room can be difficult! The true colors of this room are something between the colors in this photograph and the previous photograph. This is the left side of the room, with the dining area in the back, and a fireplace and seating arrangement in the foreground.
This is a view from the top, with the ceiling removed. This is the best picture I have of the dining room. Note the china cabinets flanking the fireplace in the dining room.
All the trims in this room were made from wallpaper which had gold in the pattern. I cut thin strips of paper for the gold parts from the wallpaper. It is amazing how much trim one can get out of a 3 by 5-inch sample of wallpaper! The floor is made from velvet ribbon. The furniture is painted metal. The plant pots are made of beads painted gold. The plates on the dining room table are paper circles, made using a 1/16" punch.

I showed this roombox to Brooke, and she seemed delighted by it. :-)

Thanks to Anita, for introducing me to this project and to the Micro Minis group, and for providing a lot of the 'parts'! Also, special thanks to Anita for photographing my roombox for me. (The fingers in the photographs belong to Anita's artistic hands!)

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